Who are we?

Jazz Hands Productions is a student production company based in Oxford. We are a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate students sharing a passion for theatre-making, from modern musicals to Shakespeare and short films.


After a show-stopping debut with Chicago in December 2019, we turned our attention to social-distancing-friendly productions such as our radio play of A Midsummer Night's Dream (June 2020), a short film, Lost Connection (June 2021) and we recently premiered Persephone, an original musical written by Emma Hawkins and Carrie Penn, at the Oxford Playhouse in November 2021!

Support Us

We would like to take Persephone on tour, but we cannot do it without your support! We are currently fundraising £2,500 via Crowdfunder (linked below) which will go towards the accommodation and travel costs of the company during the tour.


Finances are the main barrier to student participation in theatre outside of Oxford, and we hope to eliminate it completely.

As a student company, we are not-for-profit and any money we make goes directly into covering our costs or for future shows!


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