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Have you heard the story of the little old town?

Inspired by the classic Greek myth, Persephone is a heartwarming new musical featuring an original folk-rock score.

The rural town of Olympus has fallen into a steady rhythm under the fixed control of Zeus. Immortality grows rife, power is corrupt and nothing is a secret for long. Yet for the young Persephone, who lives hidden away in the fields, the little old town is nothing but a story. With the arrival of a mysterious stranger, Persephone is set on a journey that’ll entwine her with the little old town forever. For this is a world of folklore, but also a world of immortality, and when you live forever there is one thing everyone craves but no one can keep for long: youth.

Described by critics as a “a superb production” (North West End UK ★★★★) and “the best of classical versus modern storytelling” (Breaking the Fourth Wall ★★★★), this new folk-rock musical by Emma Hawkins and Carrie Penn premiered to great commercial and critical success at the Oxford Playhouse in November 2021, followed by a tour through England, visiting:


Cambridge Junction Theatre

4 - 5 August


Little Theatre

9 - 10 August


The Courtyard

17 - 21 August

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Listen to the Soundtrack:



Cambridge Edition


“‘Full to the brim with complex, visceral emotions, and carried by an enchanting original soundtrack with songs that linger in the mind long after the curtain call, this production of Persephone offers much to be admired."

"There is potential for this show to grow far beyond its student remit… if the fates allow"


World Stage UK


An "impressively performed show"


"re-told with song, dance and adroit performances, this is Persephone for the Me Too generation"

Fairy Powdered Productions

“‘The whole show is absolutely magnificent"

Broadway Baby

"An astounding work of art that is both rooted in tradition, whilst breathing new life into the story."

"This reimagining has a lot of potential, it is practically a fully fledged professional production ready for the West End as it is."

The Yorkshire Times

“‘The script was thoughtful and innovative, the set was simple but used effectively and efficiently"


Persephone - Bethan Draycott
Hades - Peter Todd
Demeter -
Emma Starbuck

Zeus - Lorcan Cudlip-Cook
Hera - Rachel Smyth
Aphrodite - Abi Watkinson
Hermes & Hades/Narrator Understudy - Franco Lopez
Narrator & Zeus/Hermes Understudy - Jak Spencer
Narrator & Persephone/Hera Understudy -
Gillian Konko

Narrator & Aphrodite/Demeter Understudy - Eleanor Dunlop
Narrator - Ellie Tutt


Director/Writer - Emma Hawkins
Producer/Marketing Manager - Ana Pagu
Musical Director/Composer - Carrie Penn
Choreographer - Max Penrose
Company Stage Manager/Welfare Officer - Mina Moniri

Assistant Directors - Ellie Tutt & Noah Wild

Set Designer - Alice Penrose

Lighting Designer - David Street
Lighting Assistant -
Blue Lovejoy

Sound Designer - Aron West

Mixer - Carrie Penn
Costume Designer - Lauren Cooper

Costume Assistants - Catherine Allport, Diana Bestwish-Tetteh, Madi Hopper & Alice Reynolds

Marketing Assistants - Sal Algannin, Felix Westcott, Max Falk, Hanine Kadi & Olivia Krauze
Social Media Managers - Sam Thyr & Eleanor Dunlop
Videographer - Emma Earnshaw

Graphic Designers - Alex Still & Phebe MacManamon


Samuel Thyr
Luke Smith
Benedict Bradley
Kevin Zheng
Kerran Cotterell
Jacob Sternberg
Charles Potts


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