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A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare

Escape the confines of lockdown for an hour or two and enter a world of magic and mischief. From the court of Theseus to enchanted woodlands, follow the story of our heroes as they escape Athens in pursuit of true love, just to get caught in a complex love triangle (rectangle?) at the hands of mischievous fairies. Will they reach their happily ever after? And how exactly does the donkey come into it?


Jazz Hands Productions have recreated the enchanting Shakespearean comedy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as a radio play available here:

This radioplay fundraised for Mind. Mind is a charity that provides support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem, by raising awareness, improving services and promoting understanding. Our radio play originated as a way for us keep theatre alive during the Covid crisis and to spend our lockdown time productively, doing what we love. While the current situation has had a negative impact on both the theatre industry and our extracurricular activities, it had a worse impact on mental health and wellbeing. Mind has positively influenced the lives of many of our team and cast, so we decided to dedicate this radio play to Mind and raise funds in support of mental health.


(in order of appearance)


Theseus - Alasdair Linn

Hippolyta - Emily Hassan

Egeus - Nathan De Giorgi

Hermia - Ellie Cooper

Demetrius - Alec Watson

Lysander - Caleb Barron

Helena - Katie Friedli Walton

Quince/Prologue - Maya Robinson

Snug/Lion - Maya Jasinska

Bottom/Pyramus - Dorothy McDowell

Flute/Thisby - Luke Richardson

Starvelling/Moonshine - Lily Miles

Snout/Wall - Issy Flower

Puck - Zakkai Goriely

Oberon - Gemma Daubeney

Fairies and Philostrate - Tamsin Sandford Smith

Titania - Darcy Dixon




Producer - Ana Pagu

Directors - Emma Hawkins & Felix Westcott

Sound Editor & Composer - Jonny Budd

Marketing Manager - Charlotte Moberly

Graphic Designer - Phillip Olney

Welfare Officer - Henry Calcutt


Music by: Jonny Budd

Fairy Song by: Tamsin Sandford-Smith

Animations by: William Olney

Preview #1:

The Fairy Monologue

(Act II, Scene 1)
Performed by

Tamsin Sandford Smith

Preview #2:

Helena's Monologue

(Act I, Scene 1)
Performed by

Katie Friedli Walton

Preview #3:

Puck's Soliloquy

(Act V, Scene 1)
Performed by

Zakkai Goriely

Delve into the character arcs and storylines in A Midsummer Night's Dream, from this conversation between one of our directors (Felix Westcott) and some of the cast: Ellie Cooper (Hermia), Gemma Daubeney (Oberon) and Maya Robinson (Quince).


Explore the behind-the-scenes of our radio play in these short podcasts



Hear from the director (Emma Hawkins) and producer (Ana Pagu) of A Midsummer Night's Dream about the ideas and motivations behind putting on a radio play in the current global climate. How did the radio play come to be? What challenges have they faced, and how it was different from your typical theatre productions?

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