Emma Hawkins


Emma is a third year Fine Art student at St Edmund Hall, particularly interested in dance-heavy shows, musicals and immersive theatre.

She has experience both onstage as an actress and dancer, and in many backstage roles. She was also the founder/president of the Teddy Hall Drama Society (2019-2021) and was the OUDS Welfare Rep (2020-2021). 

Her art practise explores narrative theory through a range of media including quilted textiles, paper models and analog virtual realities. A recurring subject in her work is the space between art and theatre; particularly, the use of scenography as a bridge across the two disciplines. 


Theatre Credits



Persephone (online workshop, HT.21)

Little Shop of Horrors (Pembroke Pichette, Corona cancelled, TT.20)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Co-Director, Radio Play, TT.20)

Chicago (Keble O’Reilly, MT.19)

The Last Judgement (Oxford Medieval Mystery Play Cycle, St Edmund Hall, TT.19)

Untitled (Director/Designer/Producer, Brookes, 2018)

Black Comedy (Burton Taylor, March 2017)


Assistant Director

Angels in America (AD/Set Designer, Keble O’Reilly, HT.20)

Your Little Play (Michael Pilch Studio, TT.19)

Made in Dagenham (Oxford Playhouse, HT.19)


Section Two (Producer, Burton Taylor, MT.19) 

Love/Sick (Lighting Designer, Edinburgh Fringe, 2019)

A View From The Bridge (Production Manager, Michael Pilch Studio, TT.19)

You Are Frogs (Production Manager, Burton Taylor, HT.19)

Anna Karenina (Choreographer, Actors Church Theatre, Covent Garden, MT.18) 

Night Jars (Producer, MCS, June 2017) 

The Wind in the Willows (ASM, Oxford Playhouse, June 2016)