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Lost Connection

CW // Mental health issues, pandemic

Lost Connection is a new devised dance piece written by Felix Westcott, with original score by Will Harmer. The story follows a dancer stuck in lockdown, unable to dance, to be creative, and to express themselves. It is the story of many of us, and a discussion on the challenges encountered by the arts industry in the past year.


Lost Connection has been filmed remotely during the multiple lockdowns, with a final in-person segment at the Oxford Playhouse. Lost Connection premiered online on June 27th, 2021.


Josh - Josh Willetts

Tamsin - Tamsin Sandford Smith



Producer - Ana Pagu

Co-Director / Writer - Felix Westcott

Co-Director / Director of Photography - Michael-Akolade Ayodeji

Choreographer - Max Penrose

Composer - Will Harmer

Editor - Fred Seddon

Music Editor - Emelye Moulton

Production Manager / Sound Designer - Gemma Craig-Sharples

Lighting Designer - Samuel Morley

Set Designer - Chuanqi Wang

Set Assistant - Lottie Robinson

Costume Designer - Natasha Squire

Marketing Manager - Virag Zengo

Graphic Designer - Peter Todd

Welfare Officer - Alasdair Linn



Special thanks

The Oxford Playhouse

Emma Hawkins

Elba Slamecka

Phil Olney

Sapphire Shoferpoor

Seb Dows-Miler

Emma Grace Hinnells

Lilia Yagi

Josh's housemates

Fred's housemates

Ana's housemate

This project is supported by the Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund, Accidental Death Productions and the Oriel Lions.

Behind the Scenes Series

Episode 1: "The only thing we couldn't change"
Episode 2: "30 Crises in 3 Days in 3(ish) Minutes"
Episode 3: "It's good to be back"
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